Thanks For Coming To My Party - Issue 2

On Friday February 26, 2016 upon the spaceship 42 of OKC, The Lost Supper Club threw a party, and nobody enjoyed it but me. Pharoah made a mouse trap for the people, and Flowers put up warnings everywhere telling everybody they better watch out. And nobody listened but me. And nobody enjoyed it but me.

Featuring the work of Steven Battles, Michael Walters, Anthony Freeman, Cinco Johnson, Benji Sukmanee, Alex Rodruiguez, Jaret Ferratusco and The Lost Supper Club. All secrets told here are subject to review, as it is sometimes possible that they may have or have not happened. You must be unmerciful in your judgment, because everything has the potential to get you. Enter at your own risk, and thanks for coming to my party.

Welcome to Mouse Trap

142 pages

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