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"The Island Broadcast Tapes, Vol. 1"

He's stranded on an island. Alone. Desperate. No way of getting off. He's got a message and it's bottled up. And he's broadcasting for help, every day, at the same time and frequency. He doesn't remember what happened in the accident. He doesn't even know his own name. But he has an instinct for survival. It's been 29 days, since he started counting the days. The danger isn't immediate, but it is immanent. If you're listening, please send help. Please, send help.

Desperation Island, Episode 1 - "Day 29"

Desperation Island, Episode 2 - "Day 33"

Desperation Island, Episode 3 - "Day 42"

Desperation Island - "Music To Get Help To (Soundtrack to the Broadcast)"


"Music To Get Help To (Soundtrack to the Broadcast)"

Original soundtrack to the podcast. Chilled out zen island background music. Pairs with: chores, dinner, conversation with a friend, muted television. The more you listen, the more it makes sense.

Now streaming online everywhere.